Friday, December 19, 2008

Vintage Jewels that Make Us Drool !

Here are just a few Sparkling Jewels you will find in my Shop.

Weiss Rhinestone Choker . SOLD !

5 Strand Green Pearl and Crystal Necklace.

Pegasus Coro AB & Blue Rhinestone Bracelet.

Lovely Heart Shaped Rhinestone Pendant.

Limoges Romantic Couple Brooch P. Pastaud.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008



Here is a peak of some great items you will find in my shops !

Shimmering Rhinestone Coro Bracelet !

Gorgeous 5 Strand Green Pearl & Crystal Necklace !

Victorian Style Angel Christmas Ornaments !

Cambridge Glass Amber Gold Overlay Console ! SOLD !

Lefton Miss Priss Salt & Pepper Shakers !

Annies Attic Bed Doll Crochet Patterns !

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shabby Cottage Chic Vanity Items ♥

Do you have a Vanity or a special dresser or table you love to decorate ?

I love blending Vintage Items with new for that Shabby Cottage Chic look.

I am always on the hunt for these wonderful treasures so check back often.

SOLD ! Lovely Victorian Lady Figurine , Italy. Click here.

SOLD Vintage Silverplate Dresser set, Brush & Mirror. Click Here.

Lovely Vintage Lavender Doilies. Click Here.

SOLD Oh so Shabby Rose Trinket Dish. Click Here.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall in Love with Fall ♥

I just Love Fall when it is not Raining !

Don't forget when planning your Fall wardrobe to include some fantastic Vintage Jewelry and Accessories !

Don't Miss out on this Gorgeous Amber Rhinestone Demi Parure by Coro. Click Here

Another fantastic addition to your Fall wardrobe would be these Classy Brown Thermoset Earrings by Trifari. Click Here

SOLD ! Simply Gorgeous Green Agate Sterling Silver Necklace. Click HERE

SOLD ! Vintage Rhinestone Apple Brooch ! Click Here

Every Fall wardrobe needs a Vintage Hat ! This one has a Sparkling Rhinestone Accent.

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Vintage Hats & Hollycraft Jewelry ♥

Don't miss some great items for September !

Here are just a few samples of what you will find in my shop ♥

SOLD Lovely Vintage Wedding Compote. See it Here

SOLD -Vintage Designer Hat with Original Box. See more Here.

Ooh La La Pink French Chic Electric Wall/Mantle Clock ! See it Here.

Very Rare Hollycraft Rhinestone Parure 1950. Click Here

Too many items in my shop to list here !

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Do You Love Depression Glass ?

I do ! I do !

I don't know what attracts me to the depression glass but it just jumps out at me where ever I go.

Depression glass is highly collectible. I know this because my own collection can become a bit overwhelming sometimes and I have to clear out some of it to make room for more !

There were many companies and many different patterns made, some that have never been catalogued.

Here is a list of some of the companies that made depression glass right through into the 1950's and 60's.

* Jeanette Glass Co.,
* Indiana Glass Co.,
* Hazel Atlas Glass Co.,
* Imperial Glass Co.,
* Hocking Glass Co.,
* Federal Glass Co.,
* U.S. Glass Co.,
* Lancaster Glass Co.,

And the list goes on.

There was also Elegant Glassware from the depression era.

* Cambridge Glass Co.
* Fostoria Glass Co.
* Heisey Glass Co.
* Imperial Glass Co.
* Tiffin Glass Co.
* Paden City Glass Co.
* Duncan & Miller Glass Co.

And again, many more not mentioned.

If you are going to begin collecting depression glassware, I highly recommend that you purchase some books so you can get to know the different makers and patterns.

Now I love to look at my collection like anyone else, but I realized years ago that if it is not Museum quality or worth thousands of dollars then why not just use it and enjoy it? So today, I have mine on display but when company comes over I use it proudly.

Don't forget that depression glassware are not dishwasher or microwave safe.

Here are a few depression glass Items I have listed now in my ETSY Shop !



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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Do you Love Vintage Chenille ?

I absolutely Love Vintage Chenille. I guess that is why I enjoy creating my One of a Kind items with it. It is not easy to work with, mind you. It seems to have a life of it's own and sometimes it is a real challenge to keep the shape or the size that I start out with. LOL Eventually I overcome these challenges and turn out what I hope is another quality item that someone will enjoy.

I want everyone to know that I only use vintage chenille bedspreads that are on their last legs and beyond repair. This is the case for all the vintage linens I use in my creations. With that said, some of my creations may have some small flaws, like a few missing tufts in the chenille and such but I think that just adds to it's charm.

Here is a bit of History about Chenille Bedspreads:

Chenille Bedspreads

Catherine Evans (later Catherine Evans Whitener) revived the handcraft technique of tufting in the 1890s.
Tufted bedspreads, which proved popular not only locally but also regionally and nationally, consisted of cotton sheeting to which Evans and (later) others would apply designs with raised "tufts" of thick yarn. These tufted bedspreads were often referred to as chenille products. Chenille, the French word for "caterpillar," is generally used to describe fabrics that have a thick pile (raised yarn ends) protruding all around at right angles. Most tufted bedspreads did not meet the strict definition of chenille, yet the term stuck.

The handcraft of tufting played an important role in the economic development of northwest Georgia. Catherine Evans Whitener Evans and others who learned the technique stamped familiar patterns onto blank sheets, then filled the patterns with yarn. As the products grew in popularity, merchants in the Dalton region took an interest in marketing the spreads. By the 1920s tufted bedspreads appeared on the shelves of department stores in Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia, and other major cities.

Merchants organized a vast "putting out" system to fill the growing demand. They established "spread houses," usually small warehouses (or homes) where patterns were stamped onto sheets. Men called haulers would then deliver the stamped sheets and yarn to thousands of rural homes in north Georgia, Tennessee, and the Carolinas. Families then sewed in the patterns. The hauler would make another round of visits to pick up the spreads, pay the tufters (or "turfers," as they sometimes called themselves), and return the products to the spread houses for finishing. Finishing involved washing the spreads in hot water to shrink them and lock in the yarn tufts. The tufted spreads could also be dyed in a variety of colors.

By the 1930s clotheslines bearing chenille bedspreads lined U.S. Highway 41 through Dalton and other small communities in Chenille Bedspreads northwest Georgia. Tourists on their way to Florida often stopped and bought these spreads, sometimes believing them to be examples of authentic American folk crafts. Of the many designs adorning the spreads, the most popular among tourists was the peacock. This section of Highway 41 became known as "Peacock Alley" precisely because of the dominance of that design in the roadside displays. The participation of farm families in this industry provided badly needed cash incomes and helped these families weather the Great Depression. It also produced fortunes for some. Dalton's B. J. Bandy (aided by his wife, Dicksie Bradley Bandy) was reputedly the first man to make $1 million in the bedspread business by the late 1930s, but many others followed.

In the 1930s such companies as Cabin Crafts began to bring the handwork from the farms into factories. The bedspread manufacturers sought greater productivity and control over the work process and were also encouraged to pursue centralized production by the wage and hour provisions of the National Recovery Administration's tufted bedspread code. These new firms also began mechanizing the industry by adapting sewing machines to the task of inserting raised yarn tufts.

The industrialization of tufting raised productivity and created a booming local textile industry centered in Dalton. The remarkable success of tufted bedspreads led companies to experiment with other products, such as robes, tank sets (fuzzy covers for toilets), and small rugs. The experimentation with small rugs eventually led some of these companies to begin using the machine tufting process to cover an entire piece of room-sized (nine feet by twelve feet or so) backing material with raised yarn tufts to produce carpets. In the 1950s carpets surpassed bedspreads and other tufted products and became a staple of American consumption. Dalton remains the tufted bedspread capital of the world, but it also became the carpet capital of the world by the early 1960s.

Exhibits related to the old bedspread industry can be found at Crown Gardens and Archives in Dalton. Crown houses a number of bedspreads from the period, as well as other exhibits related to the history of the Dalton area.

I found this History of Chenille Bedspreads at

Amazing how these bedspreads played a big part in the carpeting industry.!

It is my hope that by recycling the unwanted damaged vintage chenille bedspreads and creating items that are both pretty to look at and useful, that I will be in a small way, preserving a little bit of our History.

Please check both my Etsy Shop and my Ebay shop for my One of a Kind vintage chenille bedspread creations !

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Oh my I have been neglectful of my blog haven't I? LOL
Well, oddly enough I find most times I don't have a lot to say, yet my friends and family say I never hush up.

Spring and Fall are both my most favorite seasons in the year. I love the burst of life in spring and the grand finale sizzling colors of fall.

I do love Summer too but not when it is too hot and humid and you don't feel like moving. LOL What I especially love about summer is the YARD SALES !!

I would love to go on that endless yard sale they have here in the states. I would just love for someone to share their experiences if they have attended that event.

I know I would be in heaven ...can you imagine? 630 miles of unending sales !! Ooooh ya !!

I believe it goes from Ohio to Alabama. Yup, The worlds longest yard sale.(sigh)

One day !! Hey I can dream can't I? LOL

Enjoy your week !!

Monday, March 10, 2008

March 2008

Hi and Welcome to my Cozy Cottage !!

I am an avid collector of Vintage Costume Jewelry and Vintage collectibles. I attend lots of estate sales and yard sales during the summer months. In the winter, I enjoy sharing some of my wonderful finds by selling on Ebay.

Most exciting of all though, is my sudden passion for designing and sewing One of a Kind items for the Home. I love to combine vintage items with new, for a warm & Cozy Cottage Decor style.

Many of my items would be a lovely addition to Shabby Cozy Cottage, Victorian, French Chic Decor !!

Come visit me at Ebay !! My Link is posted on the right.

You just never know what you might find !!