Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Oh my I have been neglectful of my blog haven't I? LOL
Well, oddly enough I find most times I don't have a lot to say, yet my friends and family say I never hush up.

Spring and Fall are both my most favorite seasons in the year. I love the burst of life in spring and the grand finale sizzling colors of fall.

I do love Summer too but not when it is too hot and humid and you don't feel like moving. LOL What I especially love about summer is the YARD SALES !!

I would love to go on that endless yard sale they have here in the states. I would just love for someone to share their experiences if they have attended that event.

I know I would be in heaven ...can you imagine? 630 miles of unending sales !! Ooooh ya !!

I believe it goes from Ohio to Alabama. Yup, The worlds longest yard sale.(sigh)

One day !! Hey I can dream can't I? LOL

Enjoy your week !!