Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Growing Up with Shirley Temple

Oh how I remember growing up watching Shirley Temple!
Even though it was 30 yrs after she made the movies, she was and still is Timeless.
All I knew was I loved her and wanted to be just like her.
I would ask my Mom to give me wringlets and she would put Rag Curls in my Hair over night and the next day I had Bouncy Curly Hair just like Shirley Temple.
There always will be a special place in my Heart for Shirley Temple. She made this little girl very happy.
I found this Wonderful Video that is sure to make you smile.

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I hope you have enjoyed strolling down memory lane with me.
Please share your fondest memories of this little Sweetheart by leaving a comment.


auntsuesoldnewlovely said...

This is such a wonderful collection of Shirley Temple nostalgia! I watched all her moving as well!

MrFilthyRotten said...

CCC So enjoyable! A great way to start the day. Love the blog : )


ddb7 said...

a fun lovin Shirley Temple article that shakes the memories! truly appreciate being included in this wonderful feature.

KKJD1 said...

I used to love watching her sing! Thanks for sharing one of my items. Blessings,Karen

reprise said...

i adore shirley temple! there was a shirley temple movie marathon on a couple of weeks ago and i was glued to the couch watching.

Sherry from Alabama said...

I'm a big Shirley Temple fan too. I have several of her movies that our family enjoys watching. I've enjoyed my first visit to your lovely blog. I'm glad I found it.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

AnastasiaC said...

oh i loved Shirley Temple as a little girl - if they showed any of her movies now id definetely watch them even now!!


WOW great video. I forget how great of a dancer she was.