Monday, July 5, 2010

July Market Monday

Welcome to Market Monday -July 2010
I have just returned from Vacation and I am excited to be participating in this Months Market Monday!

This is a virtual flea market offering many items.......... vintage and new jewelry, kitchy and dime store finds, prims, vintage textile designs, hand-painted home accents, dolls, supplies, paper creations, fabrics, antiques, smalls......and it runs through the whole week!
For the best online shopping experience on the internet, just click on the Logo below !

See you there !


Cashmere 'n Cotton said...

What a cute blog you have created. I must warn you, I am a costume jewelry junkie. Thanks for stopping by ; )

ddb7 said...

a fun lovin Shirley Temple article that shakes the memories! truly appreciate being included in this wonderful feature.